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We are certainly living in unprecedented times. The global crisis has changed the game! It’s astounding to think that more than 2/3 of people in and outside of the USA are dissatisfied with their lives. Yet, that’s the reality that many of us live in. Every day, millions of people wake up wishing that something in their lives - their financial situation, career path, health, or relationships - would change. They’re worried about the future, feel defeated, battle with insignificance, and wish there was a tangible solution for their problem.

At Level Up Coaching Solutions, we know it can feel like the game is fixed against you… and that’s why we’re here with the guidebook. Level Up Coaching Solutions positions organizations and leaders to conquer their paths to advancement through motivational encounters, actionable strategies, enhanced organizational development, and results-focused leadership coaching.

67% of America can continue feeling unhappy, waiting for a miracle to happen while their lives pass them by. Or they can grasp the opportunity for life transformation and finally experience true satisfaction through personal freedom.

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Business Consulting Services

If you want to elevate your business, achieve greater success, and enjoy increased flexibility and confidence, then you need Level Up's business consulting services.

Executive Coaching

Level Up's executive coaches provide gentle pressure, experiential knowledge, and invaluable resources to guide executives in a direction of health and triumph.

Organizational Development

Boost efficiency and drive growth with Level Up's Organizational Development services. Unlock your organization's full potential!

Change Management Consulting

Navigate change with confidence using Level Up's Change Management Consulting. Streamline transitions, minimize disruptions, and ensure lasting success.

Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Equip your team to manage conflicts with our expert-led sessions. Enhance communication, reduce stress, and boost morale with our proven conflict resolution strategies.

Our Clients


"Level Up Coaching Solutions has inspired more people toward success and fortune than any other motivational speaker on the planet."

Zig Ziglar,

Author, Salesman, and Motivational Speaker

"Is there someone you look to as a primary influence—someone who fundamentally changed your way of thinking, for all time to come? Perhaps it was an author, a pastor or a motivational speaker. For me, it's Level Up Coaching Solutions."

Richard James

Lawyer and Entrepreneur

"Level Up Coaching Solutions was the catalyst for my success."

Jim Cathcart

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author
Results Care

"What took 12 years of trying to accomplish growth on my own came into fruition after just one year of professional coaching with Level Up Coaching Solutions! Dr. Phil Phillips was the catalyst that ignited Results Care Physical Therapy, Pain, and Wellness Center.  Fast forward to 2020, and we are embarking upon our seventh year; Level Up Coaching Solutions selflessly held my hand during every step of my success! I urge you to attach and anchor yourself to this solutions-based organization if you want to experience exponential growth!"

Dr. Patricia Calderón Schwarz, DPT

CEO of Results Care Physical Therapy, Pain, and Wellness Center
Heart of Works

"Words are not enough to describe Dr. Phil Phillips and his team’s professionalism and dedication to helping me achieve my goal of establishing Heart of Works South Florida, Inc. (HOW) as an organization in 2015.  Dr. Phil was very passionate about my vision and went to work immediately.  With Level Up Coaching Solutions, my fears and anxiety were alleviated from day one; I now have more clarity, vision, and peace of mind.  I love the one-on-one coaching and homework assignments to keep me accountable and stay on task.  I am eternally grateful to Level Up Coaching Solutions for providing all the tools for success throughout these years and counting."

Laurette Demetrius, MPA

Founder/CEO Heart of Works of South Florida, Inc.
Thousand Hills

"It has always been my dream to have my own coffee shop. Three years ago, Dr. Phil Phillips from Level Up Coaching Solutions started coaching me and providing me with tactical and technical tools to make my dream become a reality. He held me accountable and challenged me to grow in a very kind, not pushy, way.  This coaching opportunity increased my level of confidence and leadership dramatically. Now, I feel better equipped to handle the business successfully as we are opening our door in January 2021. I strongly recommended Level Up Coaching Solutions as an executive coaching team that will profoundly impact your business and personal life. Thank you, Level Up Coaching Solutions, for providing me with this tremendous coaching experience!"

Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Shop

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