Putting The Past Behind You For A Brighter Future

Putting the Past behind You

It seems like a simple concept doesn’t it? Putting the past behind you so that you can have a brighter future? Psychologists will tell you all day long about how important it is to let go of the past. However, it seems much more difficult then it sounds. Of course, I could talk all day…

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Invest in Your Staff For A Great ROI

Invest in your Staff

I’ve been around for a while now, and I have seen many companies go through good times and bad times. When a company starts to go through bad times, they often exasperate the problems that they are having with poor decisions. One of the most detrimental things many companies do during bad times is to…

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These 4 Habits Are Holding You Back

These Habits are Holding You Back

There is an old saying that we are our own worst enemy. In many ways that is the truth. We procrastinate, we overthink things, we really are the cause of most of our own problems. So here is a list of some things that you are probably doing to hurt yourself. Think about these things…

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