5 Ways to Achieve More Positive Thinking

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

On the path to success, there will always be failure. And a majority of the time, it is nothing but our own negative thoughts and self-doubts that stand in the way of achieving our dreams. The key to being able to learn and move on from failure is being able to control the way we think about it. Nothing worth it is ever easy and it takes positive thoughts and energy to stay motivated.

Here are five ways that you can achieve more positive thinking.

1. Develop Positive Habits

Pick an activity like writing down three things to be grateful for every day, participating in meditation, or daily journaling of a positive experience. Find something that makes you feel good and make a habit out of it. Having consistent positive behaviors is a great way to encourage a more optimistic outlook!

2. Give Back to Others

Even if you don’t have the time to volunteer or the money to donate, small gestures can make a big difference. If someone is reaching out for advice or reassurance, help them out. Hold the door open for people behind you. Smile at strangers you pass in public. Doing nice things for others can make you be kinder toward yourself as well.


3. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Moods are contagious. If you spend most of your time with people who complain and talk negatively, those bad moods are going to rub off on you. However, the opposite is also true. By spending time with friends and family who stay on the bright side of things, you too will find yourself thinking happier thoughts.

4. Control Your Breathing

Many people believe that, if you can control your breathing, you can control your life – and the saying rings a little bit true. Being able to control your breath can give you more control over your emotions. When you become angry or stressed, your breathing becomes shorter and faster. A few deep, slow breaths can help you feel calm again and allow you to redirect your thinking.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

There are going to be days that are overwhelming. There are going to be days where everything goes wrong and you can’t bring yourself to think a single positive thought. It’s important to remember that all of this is okay! Make sure that you give yourself plenty of opportunity to relax and take a break. Everyone has a bad day every now and then – just wake up to a new day and start fresh.

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