How to Turn Positivity into Productivity

There is a lot of negativity in the world today. Negativity is the birth place of failure. If you want to succeed, you need to remove negativity and replace it with positivity. It is easy to turn positivity into productivity. But first, you have to turn negativity into positivity.

Nothing is Impossible

Turn Positivity into productivityHave you ever heard someone say something is impossible? That is ridicules. Everything is possible. It is just that somethings takes a lot more time, resources, and effort then you have to put into them. If someone asks you to do something that you think is impossible, you need to recognize your negativity and remove it. Then you figure out a plan to do the requested task, and present it to the person who asked you to do it. They may see the difficulty in achieving their goal and decide to try something different. Or they may see an easier way then your plan and explain to you how it can be done easier. Either way, you will move ahead. However, if you just say “that’s impossible” the momentum is halted.

There is Always a Way

If someone tells you that they need to truck cargo to an island, you may think that is impossible. However, there are many options. The first though may be to build a bridge. That plan would be cost prohibitive, and logistically challenging. Could you fly the cargo to the island? If there isn’t already an airstrip on the island then that plan to seems cost prohibitive… unless you use a helicopter. That may work, but if you need to take several trips, the costs can get out of hand with that plan as well. Will a boat work? It may, but you might need to transport the cargo over a distance from where the boat can dock. How about a ferry? That way you can take the truck and the cargo to the island.

Positivity is about exploring the options to get the job done. There is always a way, and brainstorming options can turn positivity into productivity.

With Positivity, Every Idea Leads to a Solution

If you think something can’t be done, you need to rethink the situation. Figure out how it can be done, even if that means going beyond your means to do it. Then try to figure out alternatives. The first step to getting anything done is believing you can do it. That is positivity, and that positivity is contagious. If you are sure you can succeed, other people will feel that and gravitate toward it. They will help you achieve what seemed impossible. But if you believe you are going to fail, people will sense that and flee. No one wants to be onboard a sinking ship.

If you want to succeed, If you want people to believe in your vision, you have to believe in yourself first. That is positivity. Believing that you can succeed, and what you want to do can be done. Everything starts from there.

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