Never Stop Learning: Why Everyone Could Use Some Coaching

They say “You Learn Something New Everyday”, and it seems that it would be common knowledge that the true secret to success is to never stop learning. But it seems all to often these days people act like they have reached the pinnacle of knowledge and have no need to continue to learn, or worse yet, feel they have nothing left to learn.

Leadership and Learning are Indispensable to Each Other – John F Kennedy

Never Stop Learning: Why Everyone Could Use Some CoachingYou don’t have to loo to closely to see that the world is changing around you. New technology from our youth becomes antiquated and replaced by our middle age. Keeping up with trends, and advances in your industry is crucial in continued success.

Most of us would agree that a structural engineer needs to keep track of updates in machining techniques, new materials, and of course, building and safety codes. It would also make sense that information technology specialists should keep up to date with new applicable software, and changing technology. Yet it seems that it is all to often the case that people in leadership roles do not take the time to learn about new thoughts and theories in leadership.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. – Henry Ford

People in a leadership role should consider education a part of their job responsibilities. Whether they are learning about analytical skills, and how to present information, or simply learning about interpersonal skills that can help them motivate their team. Leadership, management and supervisory roles are positions that truly require constant learning to stay at the top of the game.

Not only are industry trends important to supervisory positions, but so is organizational development skills, and leadership skills. Practical development of mentoring skills, and personal development should be considered an ongoing quest for the managerial professional.

In these days of constant access to information at our fingertips, there is no reason why the quest to expand knowledge shouldn’t be part of your everyday routine. For instance, Level Up Partners Coaching and Consulting offers a Mastermind group that meets weekly via teleconferencing to foster personal mentoring, practical development, and valuable training for maximum impact.

Programs like this give a personal touch to the learning experience and a realtime feedback that you can’t get just by studying on your own. Although there is nothing wrong with solitary research and studying, supplementing it with a group program is a great way to increase understanding and move faster through a wider range of knowledge.

As supervisors, managers, and leaders, we need to be trailblazers, change agents, and bridge builders. As we guide our teams to the future, it is important to double check the maps, and learn about any new, or better paths to our destination.

Never stop learning, Never stop innovating, Never stop Leading.

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