Why Self Development is an Ongoing Goal

For a lot of people self development is a thing we did in school. We studied, we got our degree, now we have developed ourselves into the person we want to be. These same people later wonder why they are not achieving the goals that they had thought they would achieve. They do not realize that self development is an ongoing goal. The are unaware that there is always something new to learn, and always a way to become better. In fact, becoming better should always be the goal. Because no matter what you become better at, you become better as a whole for doing it.

Adding Skills Adds Value

self developmentThe simplest reason why a constant regimen of self development should be a part of our lives is because adding skills to our knowledge base adds value to our income capabilities. The more you know, and the more that you can do, the bigger an asset you are to whomever is hiring you. Whether you work for someone else, or your run your own business (and therefore work for your clients), there will always be the “someone who hired you”. If you run your own business, then you need to prove you are qualified time and again when new clients show up. You don’t want that new kid out of college to have a leg up on you because they learned the latest techniques and you are still doing things the old way…

Having the latest theories, and the “old fashioned” theories is a bonus. The “new guy” will have been taught the new way to do things, but if you have been keeping up with self development, then you know the new way, and all the ways that came before. That can be very beneficial.

Self Development Builds Self Confidence

People who constantly strive for self development have a better knowledge base for problem solving. Therefore, they become more confident in their abilities. Confidence is intimately connected to self esteem. When you are confident, and you feel good about yourself, people can sense that. It is only when you have confidence in yourself that others will truly put their confidence in you.

Self development is key to self esteem and confidence. And through this trinity of the self, one has the means to achieve greatness. Anything that has been done, you can do. You just need to develop the skills needed to do it.

Every person comes out of the womb with the same set of skills. After that, it is our choice to learn more. There was a time when our status in life could deprive us of the ability to gain the knowledge needed to excel. But today, the sum of the worlds knowledge is at all of our fingertips. It is yours to explore. The only thing that keeps you back, is yourself. If you can build yourself, you can become unstoppable.

Self Development is exploring the possibilities, learning something new, and making yourself better as a result. So go out there and be a better version of you. We can help.

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