Why Successful People Seek Coaching

“Success is defined by action – not knowledge.”

Successful people invest in their personal growth by creating goals with milestones and creating plans to guide their success. When planning, they educate themselves by seeking resources like books, blogs, and online articles, but reading has its limits. We only see people’s success once they’ve reached their goals, but rarely recognize the struggles, disappointments, and failures that made it possible. Every accomplishment we make in our life is done with help. We may have done the work, but support makes it all possible, whether its support from friends, family, mentors, or coaches.

Many athletes spend years training and educating themselves on the best methods of conditioning, strength training, and drills; and yet, when they retire from their sport and try to exercise again, they’re often unsuccessful. Why? Because they have never exercised for health. This type of exercise requires a new mindset, new goals, and a new training regimen. The help of a personal trainer can help ex-athletes adapt to new workout regimens and show them how to adjust their intensity and workouts in a way that works for their new lifestyle. This is important because, after their sports career is over, some athletes move from training 20 hours a week to training for six. A trainer can help them adapt by forming a partnership that allows them to share their knowledge and skills to make the proper changes. Successful people recognize their strengths and weakness’ and are willing to accept the coaching and advice of others.


The Difference Between Coach and A Mentor

Successful people have two kinds of advisors: coaches and mentors. Coaches have skillsets that contribute to your personal growth and leadership development. Mentors have experience in the industry or possess the professional skills that the mentee seeks. In business, everyone should have a coach and a mentor because our personal and professional lives correlate to success. There are many disheartening stories of talented individuals who accomplish great feats at the expense of their personal lives. While an entrepreneur understands that success comes with sacrifices, a support system from a mentor, a coach, and their family will greatly improve their odds of success and limit greater sacrifice than needed.

Why Invest in Professional Growth?

In business, there are great mentors who have books coordinated with classes for a variety of industries. It is true that many of these lessons can be read in a book, but these courses and events give invaluable hands-on, experiential learning. Professionals can also network with leaders in their industry and develop a relationship that will lead to lessons and connections they couldn’t get anywhere else. The opportunities for professional growth are vast and, while it may cost money to attend events or conferences to meet valuable connections or hear accomplished people speak, this money is an investment into a brighter future. Investigate what has worked best for businesses in your industry, commit to seeking opportunities, and success will follow.

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