3 Common Mistakes That Leaders Make

Being able to rally a team around a single cause, be it for sport, business, or even in an emergency is a truly impressive talent. When a great leader is at work, the entire company seems to operate at a higher level. Unfortunately, sometimes even leaders with the best intentions still make mistakes. Here are just a few of the ways in which a good leader can go astray.

  1. Expecting the solutions of the past to fix the issues of the future.

Great leaders draw on past experiences when faced with a problem. But the leader that fails to recognize each problem is its own unique challenge can end up falling into rut of using the same approach for every new task. Look to the past for inspiration, but don’t become complacent with the same old solutions.

  1. Refusing to be wrong.

People often think that a leader needs to be infallible and have all of the answers to every problem. But nobody is write 100% of the time. In fact, one of a leader’s greatest attributes is the ability to recognize when they have made a mistake and take action to rectify it. It’s acceptable for a leader to make a mistake. It’s not acceptable for a leader to be stubborn and inflexible.

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  1. Thinking solutions can only come from the top.

Those at the top of the corporate ladder got there for a reason and likely have a wealth of great ideas. However, that doesn’t mean great ideas can’t come from those under you. Great leaders recognize a good idea when they hear it, no matter who came up with it.

Being a leader isn’t easy. There are numerous challenges, pitfalls, and hidden twists and turns. Great leaders find a way to rally their team no matter the task at hand. Sometimes being a great leader comes naturally, other times great leaders are made through trial and error and hard work. So keep these tips in mind the next time you are in a leadership position!

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