Maintaining Employee Expectations

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“Manage your expectations and you’ll manage your disappointments.” – Todd Lohenry The only element more important to a company’s success than client expectations is being able to manage employee expectations. In order to keep employees informed and content, a company needs to prioritize clarity, accountability, and understanding team roles. Employees should have clear outlines on…

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Self-Awareness and Feedback

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People who are internally driven not only perform well and create successful situations, they also give their coworkers permission to raise the bar on their own performance as well. Leaders can foster a culture like this by creating an open-feedback environment that is built on constructive criticism. Teammates that build each other up and maintain…

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3 Common Mistakes That Leaders Make

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Being able to rally a team around a single cause, be it for sport, business, or even in an emergency is a truly impressive talent. When a great leader is at work, the entire company seems to operate at a higher level. Unfortunately, sometimes even leaders with the best intentions still make mistakes. Here are…

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Nothing Worth Doing is Easy

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In Seth Godin’s book The Dip, he explains why pushing through discomfort and multiple failures leads to success and also knowing when to quit. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Nothing worth doing is easy,” but why is it not easy? Is it because, if it was, then anyone could do it? There has to be…

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